Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The dodgeball monkey

"I promise it's not what it looks like. Please understand my majesty." "Ok. I will listen to your 'story.'" "This is what ACTUALLY happened. I was collecting snow when some random people teamed up on me. They threw snowballs at me. It was like being in a war. I got really scared. I was holding snow that I was supposed to collect. The snow in my hand in the picture wasn't a snowball to fight. I just stood there with the ball scared, just like a black widow spider crawling onto my hand. They hit me as if I was their target and the snowballs were ammo soaring through air." "Ok,ok I get it. You got hit by random dumbheads while you were walking and you didn't do anything. I understand. I will let you go for this one. Next time you get caught by me, YOU ARE GOING TO GET FIRED!!! Stop standing there! Geeeeeeeet Ouuuuuuuut!!!!!!!!!! you stupid monkey with no brain!!!!!" 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

WALT-to write a descriptive text

               The forgotten lonely bridge

The forgotten lonely bridge made of brick was covered in spreading moss and snow as the snow level starts to rise above my frigid feet. The river drifts gently as the below zero white snow attacks the river. Once green trees start to turn into cold naked branches  becoming completely stiff due to the frostiness of the white snow. Heavy-duty rocks are getting covered rapidly with ice due to the dropping snow.  

The wind hisses like a wolf crying for shelter. A cunning fox wails for cover as the naked branches say no way to the fox. The white whispering stream travels lazily anonymously under the icy bridge.  Massive boulders are making so much noise due to the dropping snow that even a deaf person could hear it.

Due to the rocking noise from the river, my spine shivers as loud as a cackle from a ugly witch.

I think that you have entertained me  by using figurative language.-Pratham Shah

WALT-to write descriptive text

Purpose: to describe Audience: Peers/blog buddies
WALT use a range of descriptive vocabulary
Write one paragraph to describe the setting - The cliffs/rocks, the waves, the sandy beach, the wild grasses.
Remember to edit and uplevel vocabulary. Have you used a range of sentences?
The turquoise coloured calm waves smash on the heavy-duty boulders disturbing the golden sand. The seagulls, which want food, are on top of the forgotten mountain squawking with annoyance. In front of me was the mental pacific ocean smashing the rocks easily  just like eating french fries. The calm sand gets disturbed when the crazy ocean attacks it just like having a war between water and sand. Sunbathing on the equatorial sand, The heat burns my skin in 4 seconds just like a french fry getting burnt at 4000 degrees celsius.

I like the way you have used a lot of figurative language.  Next time make sure that it makes sense.

I liked the way you used the last simile: The heat burns my skin in 4 seconds just like a french fry getting burnt at 4000 degrees celsius.
Next time you should make sure your vocab is correct. Ali Zain

WALT- to write a persuasive text to the prime minister

Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive
Rt Hon Bill English/Jacinda Ardern      Auckland
Prime Minister          1042
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dear Ms Ardern,

Congratulations on your successful election campaign in this year. Our class has been following/debating the election closely and we have been discussing this election at home with our families about the key issues. We all agree that your decisions have been correct, but unfortunately we personally think that you have forgotten one thing. I am hoping that you will consider my arguments why we should be able to vote at sixteen.

Firstly, we believe that 16 year olds and over should be eligible to vote not 18 year olds and over so that they can be optimistic about their future. While other people might not agree that 16 and over should be eligible to vote. As adults might not agree, 16 years and over can also have other responsibilities such as driving a car, being home alone, babysit and many more other things. Secondly, as my second argument, I think that these days technology can also help us by allowing the digital natives to be more informed and access tremendously greater  information. Some examples also include that people around the world could know the people who won the vote.   

Unlike other generations, the time has come to our 16 and over year olds can make better decisions for the future. As a conclusion, I think that 16 years and over people should get a chance to vote because of the greater opportunities they get to do things. So from all my arguments I hope that you will answer back.

Yours sincerely,


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The colossal flying creature

            The colossal flying creature

Screech! The sky pirate’s ship screeched to a halt like he had just seen a dinosaur walking past him in the sunset sky. In amazement, the sky pirate looked up and then something grabbed his attention. He thought the ship was talking to him. “pew pew”. A blue bird with dark eyes was gliding calmly across the glowing sky. The sky pirate looked overhead. He was stunned. What should I do? He wondered. He was determined to jump downward on one of the dark blue colorful bird. But at the same time he thought could just attach the rope around the colossal bird. “Pew pew” the bird disturbed his thoughts. The giant bird flapped its feathered wings as it swooped towards the small wooden ship. In shock, the pirate could only stare as the massive creature got closer and closer. After thinking for a very long time, he decided to pounce onto the creature’s back. The sky pirate was nervous that he might miss. So at the correct moment, he closed his eyes and jumped onto the creature with a heart full of hope. He breathed a sigh of relief when he landed softly onto the creature dark feathers. “Hopefully I will go back home. Who knows?” He wondered. “Pew pew” the bird cried telling him to go home.

I like the way you described the animal and what it is doing Good Job!

Sucked in the secretive oven

    Sucked in the secretive

Max Hutchins loved relaxing after a game of cricket. The majority of the time after his exhausting match he would sit on his super soft sofa watching some TV while eating some mouth watering noodles. When his mum is doing the washing, he would get up to no good and get more junk food from the kitchen. Later on when his mum would want to eat the divine chips, she would ask “Did you eat all the chips?” and Max would innocently reply
“No.” Fed up, his mum had bought a security camera to keep right next to the junk food drawer. From now onwards he never even dares to go there.

One freezing Saturday in July, Max’s mother asked him to check if the scrumptious cookies she had made were baked. Max headed to the kitchen. As he walked to the oven, he started to hear noises like “pew pew.” Looking in the oven, he saw hundreds and thousands of fire-breathing cookies brawling. “What the….” Max whispered. Even though he was completely terror stricken he still faced his fears and opened the door, poking his head into the scorching oven. He felt a burning pull pulling him in.

“Help me!” he cried as he stood in the middle of the battlefield. But obviously his mother couldn't hear his voice. All of the cookies, which looked like a circle with little holes in them, teamed up on him. They formed rows and rows, standing like an army of soldiers in the scorching desert-like oven. The cookies started to fight the poor little boy.  Thinking quickly, Max raced to the end of the battlefield and choose a death defying weapon.  Picking it up carefully, he took it without permission and killed all of the mean bad cookies. He was relieved but then he wondered about how could he get home. To make matters worse, Max was starting to feel quite toasty. If he could not think quickly, then Max would get fully baked in the oven at 200 degrees celsius!       

“Max where are you?” he heard his mum cry. Just then someone opened the oven door. Whoever the person was (probably mum), was getting the cookies out of the oven as they were all baked up and ready. Max did not wait. He gripped on securely to the edge of the tray of cookies and started to feel his body return to a normal temperature. Coming out of the oven, he snuck behind his mum as stealthy and quietly as a trained ninja.

“Where are you Max?” she asked.  “Here I am” Max cried.  “What were you doing? The job only takes 2 seconds to check if the cookies are baked and not 5 years!” Max did not reply.  “What an adventure” he whispered as his mother went towards the super soft sofa and turning on the TV. She was devouring the oven-baked cookies greedily. Max looked in the oven to check if the oven was back to normal. “Weird” Max quietly muttered.


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Walt: to write a descriptive narrative
I have done well, but I still need to work on adding more similes.

Describe a moment in time

“Look at the sapphire blue sky! What a scorching hot day it is!” I scream to my friends. “Do you want to play soccer?” I question them.
“Sure” my friends replied. Getting my soccer ball, I hear them screaming their lungs out cosmically enthusiastically.
“Game 0n.” We begin the match. When the opposition team scored, we heard a plane landing over here. “Watch out!” I scream to my poor friends. “AHHHHHHHH” they shout altogether. As all of us sprint out of the way, the whir of the blade makes my ears interfere with the vociferous (deafening/loud) noise. Even though our feet are completely blackened (bruised), we keep on running as if there is a ferocious tiger chasing all of my meager (poor) friends. Luckily surviving the intense noise, we promise to never ever in a gazillion years play soccer on a sizzling hot day. (or even a normal day)

WALT: to describe a moment in time. For writing this week, we have been writing about descriptions. This is my description. Next time I could have used more similes.